16 Bit Event Counter & Displaying on LCD1

An External Pulse Counter Using 8051 and Dispalying on 16x2 LCD 

  A circuits which is used to count the external pulses And which is displaying on an 16x2 LCD display . You can simply use this project for various purpose .It is a default  project for counting Purpose.

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To use 16 Bit counter we need to configure some register in 8051 as follows 

TMOD Register is need to configure as follows
16 bit counter Setting with timer 0

TMOD=0x05; //  Giving 0x05 it configured so .

8051 has Two Timer (each has 16 bit ) i am taking here Timer 0 It has to part First 8 bit (TL)) and the second part is (TH0) .
This timer is using to store the Pulses from the external (ie it will increment up to 65535 or FFFF)

TL0 = 0; // that timer clearing 

TH0 = 0;  // that timer clearing 

 TR0 = 1 // TR0 setting to start the counting .

Done .................................

    After setting the above register as said  the resulted value (counting value ) will save periodically in TL0 and TH0 . That value displaying after converting it to decimal . for LCD Tutorials Go Here

Download Her the all Project Including Proteus file
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