LED Blinking Program by using PIC 16f877a MPLAB X .

 compiler - sdcc ,XC8.

#define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000 // setting the crystal frequency 

#include <xc.h>           // Header file inclusion ,to add function like _delay_ms() 

#pragma config PWRTE = OFF      // Power-up Timer Enable bit (PWRT disabled)
#pragma config CP = OFF         // FLASH Program Memory Code Protection bits (Code protection off)
#pragma config BOREN = ON       // Brown-out Reset Enable bit (BOR enabled)
#pragma config LVP = ON         // Low Voltage In-Circuit Serial Programming Enable bit (RB3/PGM pin has PGM function; low-voltage programming enabled)
#pragma config CPD = OFF        // Data EE Memory Code Protection (Code Protection off)
#pragma config WRT = ON         // FLASH Program Memory Write Enable (Unprotected program memory may be written to by EECON control)

int main()
  TRISB0 = 0; //RB0 as Output PIN
  while(1)    // endless loop
    RB0 = 1;  // LED ON
    __delay_ms(1000); // 1 Second Delay
    RB0 = 0;  // LED OFF
    __delay_ms(1000); // 1 Second Delay
  return 0;

LED Blinking By using 8051 in Keil IDE

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