C Programming With Ubuntu Tutorials

 C Programming With Ubuntu Tutorials       

       This tutorial is for those people who know how to program but doesn’t know how to run the C program in Linux. The linux itself is written in C programming which means it is very friendly to programmers. 

Our first program follows 

To write your First program Open your Terminal in ubuntu (Short Key -Alt+Ctrl+T). Enter the command there as follows
To Open Gedit (Text editor ) .
Sudo gedit myfirstprogram.c .
(give password it will open gedit and write program there and save it ,finally close that gedit) .

Once again .
1) Open the terminal & enter the command as folows.
  sudo gedit myfristprogram.c   
 Give password 
It will open a gedit text file with named as myfirstprogram.c .write here your first prgram source code here  save and close it .

2) Compile it the source code (myfirstprogram.c) by the following command
    gcc -o myfirstprogram myfirstprogram.c

3) To see the output type the command as follows 

In this case output is 

 Hello wrold   


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