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The C Programming Language is an excellent choice for beginning programmers as well as for people who do not intend to become a programmer but just want the experience of creating a program.
Three things are necessary for creating C programs: a text editor, a compiler and a C standard library. A text editor is all that is needed to create the Source Code for a program in C or in any other language.  

A compiler is a specialized program that converts source code into machine language (also called object code or machine code) so that it can be understood directly by a CPU (central processing unit). An excellent C compiler is included in the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). 

An integrated development environment (IDE) or interactive development environment is a software application that provides  all things (ie,a text editor, a compiler and a C standard library etc). There are a lot of IDE available with diffrent OS look here.

Available C compilers with Diffrent OS And IDE


Compiler Author Windows Unix-like Other OSs License type IDE
AMPC Axiomatic Solutions Sdn Bhd Yes Yes Yes Proprietary Yes
Aztec C Manx Software Systems No No Yes CP/M, CP/M-86, MS-DOS Proprietary No
Amsterdam Compiler Kit Andrew Tanenbaum and Ceriel Jacobs No Yes Yes BSD No
CCS C Compiler CCS, Inc. Yes Yes Yes Proprietary Yes
Ch SoftIntegration, Inc Yes Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Qnx Yes Freeware Yes — Professional and Student versions only
Clang LLVM Project Yes Yes Yes BSD No
CParser/libFirm Matthias Braun, Christoph Mallon and Michael Beck Yes Yes Yes GPL No
Digital Mars Digital Mars Yes No No  ? No
Dignus Systems/C Dignus, L.L.C Yes (host) Yes (host) Yes Z/Architecture Proprietary No
GCC C GNU Project Mingw, Cygwin Yes Yes IBM mainframe, AmigaOS, VAX/VMS, RTEMS GPL NetBeans
IAR C/C++ Compilers IAR Systems Yes No No Proprietary Yes
Interactive C KISS Institute for Practical Robotics Yes Unix, Mac, Linux, IRIX, Solaris, SunOS No Freeware No
LabWindows/CVI National Instruments Yes Yes Yes Proprietary Yes
lcc Chris Fraser and David Hanson Yes Yes Yes Freeware (source code available for non-commercial use) Windows only
Mark Williams C Mark Williams Company Yes Coherent Yes Proprietary Yes
Micro C Compiler (mcc) Roshan Snigh Yes Yes Yes Freeware (source code available for non-commercial use) No
MikroC Compiler Mikroelektronika Yes Yes Yes Proprietary Yes
Nwcc Nils Weller No Yes No BSD No
Open64 AMD SGI Google HP Intel Nvidia PathScale Tsinghua University and others No Yes Yes GPL No
Open Watcom Sybase and SciTech Software Yes Yes Linux Yes OS/2, MS-DOS Sybase Open Watcom Public License Yes Windows only?
Pelles C Pelle Orinius Yes No No Freeware Yes
PGCC The Portland Group Yes Yes ? Proprietary Yes — Visual Studio on Windows
Portable C Compiler Stephen C. Johnson, Anders Magnusson and others Yes Yes Yes BSD No
Power C Mix Software No No Yes Proprietary No
QuickC Microsoft Yes No No Proprietary Yes
RCC (RCOR C Compiler) Rodrigo Caetano (rcor) Yes Yes No GPL No
Ritchie C Compiler (PDP-11) Dennis Ritchie and John Reiser; converted to cross-compiler by Doug Gwyn Yes Yes Yes Freeware No
SAS/C SAS Institute Yes Yes Yes IBM mainframe, AmigaOS, 68K, 88K Proprietary Yes
Small-C Ron Caine, James E. Hendrix, Byte magazine Yes Yes Yes CP/M MS-DOS Public Domain Yes
Small Device C Compiler Sandeep Dutta and others Yes Yes ? GPL No
SubC Nils M Holm MinGW FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux No Public Domain No
Tiny C Compiler Fabrice Bellard Yes Yes No LGPL No
(Borland) Turbo C Embarcadero Yes No Yes Proprietary - V 2.01 freely available Yes
ups debugger (includes C interpreter) Tom Hughes, Ian Edwards, and others No Yes Yes Solaris, SunOS GPL Yes
VBCC Dr. Volker Barthelmann Yes Yes Yes Freeware (source code available, modification not allowed) No
Visual C++ Express Microsoft Yes No No Freeware Yes
XL C IBM No AIX, Linux No Proprietary Eclipse


 I am using ubuntu (Linux os) here is the compailer is GNU GCC
 Because linux is an open Source and can be rewrite ,edit etc ...  


1.) Install GCC Compiler on you ubuntu  (Tutorial)
2.) Write First Program (that is called source code) as follows.(C programming with Ubuntu tutorials)

      (first Program) 
    int main()
        printf(“Hello World);
        return 0;
3.) Compiling the above program   .

Find the result  Do these  2 or more times to understand and  by heart

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